MileNine Principal, Terri Rutter
Terri is a nonprofit strategist
specializing in aligning and building brand to inspire engagement.

About MileNine

When Terri ran her first half marathon (with her wing-girl Jackie!), she got just past the eighth mile mark and started to flag. She told herself to just make it to mile nine, then she could take a break and walk for a while.

Since then, Mile Nine has become a metaphor for the challenge Terri pushes toward, as well as the time to take a breath, look around, reflect, and plan for what’s ahead.

Terri Rutter has led creative integrated communications teams and collaborated with senior leadership within major academic medical centers, including Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, New York-Presbyterian, and NYU Langone Medical Center.

She has broad and deep experience in supporting organizations to fundraise and communicate effectively.

Terri Rutter MileNine


“We’ve tried so many approaches over the years, and Terri’s work helped us get right on track.”

-Jennifer Fine
Boston Children’s Hospital

“Terri works smart. She understands the details of our industry and gets to the points she wants to make quickly. She never wastes time with bad direction or soft strategy. She sees the big picture, but always makes sure the details are covered.”

Mark Fossen, CEO